Web page quotes are determined by the number of pages, images, multimedia, and/or graphic designs needed. A one page site with basic information and a graphic or two will run about $200. Just fill out our online information form to get started.

Maintenance Plans

We offer two maintenance plans to choose from.

  • 25/25 Plan (includes hosting)
  • Big 50 Plan (includes hosting)

The 25/25 plan is $25 a month with $25 for each list of updates.

The Big 50 plan is $50 a month for unlimited updates*

Web sites or pages that take more than a month to complete due to information we have not received will be billed at a rate or $60 a month.

Updates & Format Changes

Updates are defined as the changing to existing information or adding a photo or information to an existing area previously created on a site. See some examples below.

To create areas such as a photo gallery or a new page is not an update, but a format change which does require a charge for the time involved to create it. Please contact us for prices of format changes.

Update Format Change
Changing your mission statement New menu style
Replacing your logo New pages
New prices for items Photo gallery
Announcements Color changes for every page on site
Staff changes or additions Adding forms and media.

Please go to our Order page or download and print out the INFORMATION WORKSHEET and send it into our office so we can get a quote to you and get your site started.


Text format

Forms are in Adobe Acrobat format Click here to download the reader 

Hosting Plans




Features Yes/No
Domain Specific Email
Domain Registration
Disk Space (10-100GB)
Advanced scripting and database tools (like PHP, Perl, and MySQL)
User-friendly control panel
Support for third-party design tools (like FrontPage and Dreamweaver)**
Anti-Virus Protection for email
Upgrades Available

Domain Pricing
1 Year @ $24.99 per year
2 Years @ $19.99 per year (Save 14%)
3 Years @ $14.99 per year (Save 28%)
5 Years @ $ 9.99 per year (Save 42%)
9 Years @ $ 4.99 per year (Save 57%)
100 Years @ $2.99 per year (Save 70%)


Have your own site already? We can host your site with

no maintenance plan for only $20 a month!